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Aldi is a chain of Discounted supermarket stores that is spread in various locations within UK. The company has over hundreds of outlet and retail stores in different locations and so it is obvious that they also maintain a big work force. This means that on regular basis, new job seekers get opportunity to look around for best job openings. New recruits have opportunities to apply for any job position in new as well as already existing stores. You can look around for part time as well as full time job position. Most vacancies are available for new recruits at entry level. They make the selection from talented candidate for their stores. To fill in the job position you need to be minimum of 18 years of age.

Aldi Job Titles and Salary Information

The super market chain offers new recruits with online application forms for convenience. The web portal provides with complete information related to job application, duty description, skills and other requirements. In order to fill in the application form applicants are expected to create their accounts online. You may have to provide with complete set of personal information and education details. You may also have to provide with information related to your past job history, availability and references. Some of the most general job openings are listed here below:-

Stores Assistant – Aldi is a stores that offers customers with opportunity for shop on daily basis. Being an assistant you may have to provide services to the customers. Your main job would also include making arrangements of products in the stores, arranging shelves, looking at the sales and stocks. As a new recruit you may also be provided with additional training. In order to be eligible you may have to work for at least 15 hours on weekly basis. Your starting salary will be around 8 pounds for each hour and may increase later on.

Assistant stores manager – You may have to act as a bridge in between stores manager and stores assistants. Your main duty will be at the store counters. You may have to look into stores procedures and policies. You also need to possess skills for handling different types of customers at the stores. You may also be provided with on job training related to performing administrative jobs, customer service and stores policies. You will be paid with a starting salary of Pounds 23,000 annually which can be increased to over 30000 pounds.

Store Manager – Your main role will be to look after all works at the stores. You also need to be multiple tasking at the stores. You may be responsible for administrative jobs at the stores related to employee and customers, profits calculations and preparing schedules. You will also be responsible for recruiting new employees and conducting interview sessions. You can look around for best managerial job openings. You shall be provided with on job training by HR team. Your annual salary may be around 33,000 to 46000 at Manager position.

Caretaker– As a committed, hard-worker, you’ll do vital jobs to the highest standards and make sure your store is always in tip-top shape.

It’ll see you tackle things like removing litter and debris from the car park and loading bay. Washing external windows and glass doors till they sparkle.

Store Apprentice – One thing’s for sure as a Store Apprentice – you’ll never be bored. Balancing theory with practical store work, you’ll be expected to work hard on this three-year programme.

Aldi Application Form/PDF

You can check whether there is printable application form available for Aldi and you can download it if there is one. You can either submit the application form in person or you can send it via email.

When you work at Aldi, you’ll see exactly how your efforts, determination and fresh ideas are shaping our wonderful business. We don’t offer average packages because we don’t employ average people. We want to make sure that you’re happy, fulfilled and proud to work for us.

How to Apply for Aldi Jobs

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