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Boots is a constantly evolving chain of Pharmacy stores in UK. Ever since its establishment in 1849, the company has managed to grow its database of retails and outlets. This also means that on regular basis it looks around for hiring new recruits for its stores and outlets. As the company has a good and vast network of stores nationwide it constantly keeps on hiring new recruits to add to its new stores and existing stores. It is also marked as top rated UK companies for employees.

Boots job title and salary information

At the Boots, you may find that most new recruits get to fill in job positions at the entry level for customer service or consultant positions. On regular basis the company hires stores managers and assistants. To get the job position you need to be of legal age 18 years or above. If you are having professional certification as pharmacist then you have better job opportunity. Some of the common job openings at Boots are listed below:-

Customer Assistant –You will have to work at the stores counter to interact with the customers directly. You may have to provide information related to products depending on the requirements of the customers. Your other duties will be to look after the stores shelves and replenish it on regular basis. Apart from this, you will have to maintain hygiene at the store, look into promotional offers, publicize stores, handle sales counter, ring sales and collect cash. You also need to possess special skills to work as consultants at the store. It is ideal to have prior job experience as customer representative. At entry level you will be offered with flexible working hours full time or part time. You may also be wiling to work in shifts. At entry level your pay scale will be around 6 to 8 pounds for every hour.

Dispensing Assistant – this is one job position just above the entry level. You may have to promote various pharmacy related services. Employees are directly working under certified heads at the pharmacy. Your main role will be to offer customers with product recommendations, look into customers queries, provide with medications as per prescriptions and explain health care services. You will also have to offer with assistance to customers for medications and prescriptions. You will have to display your best customer handling skills at the stores. You need to be flexible with work schedules. You can select to work full time or part time basis. Your salary may vary between 7 to 9 pounds for an hour.

Management – With in the Boots locations, the assistant managers and stores managers work to offer with high level of customer service. They work in team and ensure that the Boots brand is consistently improving in terms of performance and service. Your main job duties will be to look after normal working of the stores, preparing schedule for normal employees, ensuring that employees are motivated to work in shifts, assisting customers for service, and looking after customer satisfaction at the stores. It is important that you need to display your best customer service. You also need to be good with English and maths. It is also important to have past retails experience. You have to be willing to work in a team and lead your team. You also need to maintain friendly personality. Your salary may be around 20,000 pounds annually as assistant manager or 35 to 40 thousand pounds as stores manager.

Boots Application Form/PDF

You can check whether there is printable application form available for Boots and you can download it if there is one. You can either submit the application form in person or you can send it via email.

How to Apply for Boots Jobs

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