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Citipeak Events Job ApplicationOnline Job Application Process

If you are thinking of applying for a job at this company, this article will provide you with the detailed information. You can find out about what is required for each position and the extent of the positions available. In order to complete Citipeak Events job application, all you need to do is to read the article and follow the necessary steps.

About Citipeak Events

Citipeak Events is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in London. The Managing Director, Nick Johnson, founded the firm in early 2012 and since then, Citipeak Events has grown to become the most vibrant, ambitious and successful event marketing firm in London.

Citipeak Events provide a cost-effective marketing solution for a range of UK clients. We have a proactive approach to business and provide our clients with measurable results and a guaranteed ROI (Return on Investment).

We asked our clients the main reasons they use our services and the top 5 reasons were:
1. A cost-effective route to marketing
2. 100% guaranteed ROI
3. Increased brand exposure and building customer loyalty
4. High customer retention rates
5. Daily reporting and instant feedback

Apply Online Citipeak Events Jobs

The rest of the article includes the detailed information about Citipeak Events hiring process. You can complete the online application process by followin the steps that are mentioned in the article.

Want to work with us?

Founded by successful entrepreneur, Nick Johnson, Citipeak Events likes

to take care of the individuals they work alongside and therefore follow a 100% promotion from within philosophy.

As a Blue-Chip company, Citipeak Events are able to operate profitably in the face of adverse economic conditions; we can work with clients looking to generate new customers cost-effectively during a slow economy and also clients looking to expand on a national scale when the economy is booming. Therefore, we always have our eye for individuals who possess the capability to manage our clients and individuals who can ensure excellent customer service at our events.

Please attach and upload your CV here to express an interest of working with us. Alternatively if you have already started the application process, click below to schedule a meeting with us.

What’s it like working with us?

Here are some statements from some members of our company about what it is like working with us:

‘It’s pretty awesome! Every day is a lot of fun and no two days are the same. Nick is very inspiring and it is a joy to have him as a role model. Event marketing is fun – I enjoy almost every second of it.’

‘Working with Citipeak Events is single-handedly the best opportunity I have ever had. A fun and challenging environment that gives you knowledge and experience like nowhere else.’

‘It’s an exciting working environment.’

‘It’s hugely motivating and inspiring. Everyone is encouraged to work to their fullest potential and absolute hardest whilst maintaining a fun and friendly environment.’

‘Nick is a great guy, coach and mentor.’

‘One of the best things that ever happened to me. I’m grateful to be given the chance to work with Nick as he has helped changed my life.’

‘Citipeak Events has a very positive atmosphere. The work environment is nothing like I endured before. Nick has a way of reaching out which makes working with Citipeak enjoyable.’

‘Citipeak Events are a joy to work with. The workforce is more like family than colleagues. If I could sum it up in three words – fun, money and development!’

Citipeak Events Job Application Form/PDF

You can find out whether there is printable job application form available for Citipeak Events from the last section of the article. It is one of the essential steps to download the application form and fill it out with necessary information. After this step, you can finish the application process by visiting one of the branches of the company to submit your application or by submitting the application online.

How to apply for Citipeak Events Jobs;

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