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Firstsource Solutions Job ApplicationOnline Job Application Process

If you are thinking of applying for a job at this company, this article will provide you with the detailed information. You can find out about what is required for each position and the extent of the positions available. In order to complete Firstsource Solutions job application, all you need to do is to read the article and follow the necessary steps.

People first

At Firstsource, employees are our most valuable asset.

We know that happy, motivated and rewarded people are the best way of delivering excellence to our clients and building a world-class organisation.

Hiring talent

Firstsource is constantly on the look-out for people who can deliver value to our clients and contribute to our success.

TOM, our employee referral programme, is a vital part of our recruitment process and staff are encouraged to introduce friends, family members, or former colleagues to career opportunities at Firstsource. Current staff wanting to find out more about TOM can write to use on our contact page

Growing talent

We believe in building a culture of recognition where exemplary performance is generously rewarded.

Every Firstsource employee receives a personal development plan to help map out their progress within the organisation. Operating in India, the US, the UK, Ireland, and the Philippines, we are able to offer employees opportunities to start or expand their careers across the world. We also offer employees a comprehensive suite of benefits and performance-based rewards.

Employer of Choice

At Firstsource, we take our role as an employer of choice seriously. Our policies are designed to ensure that our employees are happy. Our open door policy and annual Employee Satisfaction survey help us understand what our employees are feeling and what we can do to build on their satisfaction.

We encourage all Firstsource employees to connect with one another and the world beyond through a programme of social activities. We know that maintaining a work-life balance is important, and as such as we have put in place flexible working models and regular well-being days.

Apply Online Firstsource Solutions Jobs

The rest of the article includes the detailed information about Firstsource Solutions hiring process. You can complete the online application process by followin the steps that are mentioned in the article.


Main Responsibilities:

This role exists to… support our Operational teams to be the best they can be by analyzing performance and providing valuable insight to help our people to deliver truly outstanding customer service.

Without this role… our operational teams would not have an objective view and insight into what great sounds like and where opportunities exist to further improve the service delivery that our customers deserve.

What success looks like in this role…

  • Develop and maintain strong relationships and effective communication with all key stakeholders & other colleagues within Firstsource and our Client
  • Supports Operational Management by delivering analysis and insights into performance and trends
  • Continuously evolve business insights reporting to stay at the forefront of new priorities and trends
  • Shares insights and analysis with our Clients/colleagues to deliver best in class service
  • Strives for Excellence from our customer contacts, always looks from a customer perspective
  • Learns from external bodies (WCCF etc) and research other Companies/Competitors. Able to network confidently building contacts to assist Customer Experience delivery
  • Keen to learn new skills whilst enhancing existing capabilities
  • Displays and demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of our Clients products and services
  • Understanding of risk and regulatory requirements maintaining robust process and procedures which will embed the expectations of our people
  • Identify and lead specific projects as and when required from the Management Team

Technical stuff you need to have experience with or be qualified in…

  • Excellent stakeholder/client relationship building skills
  • Excellent knowledge in power point and Excel
  • A passion for Customer Experience
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Analytical skills with a great eye for detail.
  • Expert knowledge of Client products and services

The personal skills that help in this role are…

  • Creative and energetic in approach to the way we engage
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude, enthusiasm and initiative
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Systematic, detail oriented and precise in delivery
  • Prioritise tasks and working to tight deadlines
  • Able to keep up with advances in customer service with a hunger/desire to want to know more
  • Before this role, it is preferable that the person has had …
  • A Customer experience or analytical role
  • Experience of leading or contributing to projects
  • Proven record of building effective relationship skills
  • Commercial awareness

Firstsource Solutions Job Application Form/PDF

You can find out whether there is printable job application form available for Firstsource Solutions from the last section of the article. It is one of the essential steps to download the application form and fill it out with necessary information. After this step, you can finish the application process by visiting one of the branches of the company to submit your application or by submitting the application online.

How to apply for Firstsource Solutions jobs;

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