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You can get the chance to work at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) by applying online. Below, you can find the detailed information about the hiring process of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) which offers entry-level and managerial positions.

Online Job Application Process


Functions is the collective name for our specialist areas who provide support, expertise and advice across RBS. This helps our customer facing colleagues and back office teams concentrate on what they do best.

All our functions have an important and unique contribution to make. And we need great people to inspire our collaborative and diverse environment, and embody our values.

Helping to put our customers first

While our Risk teams ask the right questions and influence every decision we make, Internal Audit makes sure the controls are in place to protect our customers, their evolving needs and the bank.

Our Finance teams have the expertise to make sure our finance and strategy is managed in the right way. And in HR we’re creating a great place for people to work from the moment they join us.

Looking to the future is a key part of what we do. We help prepare for the forthcoming regulatory and legislative landscape in Conduct & Regulatory Affairs and Legal. In Change Management we’re shaping the bank of tomorrow by making innovative changes to benefit our customers. And we’re engaging with our people, customers and markets so they understand our products and strategy in Communications & Marketing.

We’re determined to do the best for our customers and make the right decisions by working together. Our people understand our vision, and are committed to making us the bank of choice for our customers.

Are we the right match for you?

We look for people with a variety of passions and skills, and we’ll give you the chance to make your mark and choose where your career could go.

We want people who take a real hands-on approach and pay attention to detail, but have an eye for the broader picture. You can enjoy a collaborative, inclusive and engaging environment, but one which values your independent thinking and unique ideas.

Are you good with numbers, a natural leader or do you like developing others? Perhaps you’re a wordsmith, or just looking for your next challenge? Depending on your skills and talents we can offer you a range of opportunities.


In Internal Audit, we help our colleagues put the right controls in place. We’re independent, we challenge everything, and we call out the risks involved in every area of the bank’s work. That means leaving no stone unturned and asking tough questions.

We’re committed to the bank’s ambition to become number one bank for trust, customer service and advocacy, and we have a key part to play. We’re achieving this by creating a world class audit function with top talent, and offering fantastic career opportunities. And the skills you’ll develop with us will also open doors to other areas of the bank.

We’re always looking for people who share our determination, passion and drive for keeping our customers and the bank safe. To make the most of a role with us, you’ll need strong risk-based audit experience or a strong business background. You’ll have great interpersonal skills to build trusted relationships with senior colleagues and the integrity to ask the right questions.

Why not start a career with us?

We pride ourselves on our unwavering focus on people. That’s why we offer a range of learning opportunities, including our development programme and mentoring scheme. We’ll help you build your professional and technical knowledge, and personal skills to perform your best and fulfil your potential. We’ll give you every possible opportunity to develop and progress your career.

Data & Analytics

We believe that getting to know our customers’ needs and ambitions – and making the right decisions to bring them to reality – comes down to having the right data.

We live in an age of information. With around 17 million Personal & Business Banking customers and 140,000 Commercial & Private Banking customers it’s easy to get lost in the bigger picture. In Data & Analytics, we’re here to promote the intelligent use of data across RBS.

Our mission is to make sure we support the bank’s decisions with the highest quality data. We connect our data together so we can access and analyse it, and create clear insight to drive value for our customers and the bank. That means we can provide truly great customer service and make a difference. Our efforts are being realised as our team recently won the ‘Data-Driven Digital Team of the Year’ award at the prestigious DataIQ Talent Awards.

Join us and you’ll be part of a unique team in the industry, and you can help us achieve our ambitions.

Can you help us make a difference?

Along with a passion for data, you’ll bring a genuine desire to make banking simpler – and you’ll help us in our mission to always make doing business with us easy for our customers. You’ll be a creative problem solver, and be committed to finding innovative ways to improve products and processes for our customers and colleagues.

“At RBS, we want to use data to take banking back to the 70’s – a time when we knew our customers individually and used our products to help rather than just sell.”
Christian Nelissen “The Data Guy” (Head of Data & Analytics, RBS)
No matter what your experience in Analytics, Architecture or Data Warehousing, you’ll get involved in strategic change programmes across all our products and services.


Risk influences everything we do, and every decision we make as a bank. As we continue to evolve against a backdrop of rapidly changing customer needs, regulations, markets, and technologies, our risk teams are more important than ever.

Good risk management isn’t about ticking boxes, or about saying ‘no’. It’s about a state of mind. It’s about understanding who we are as a business, and it’s about human behaviour. It’s about being pro-active and asking ‘what if?’ More than anything else, it’s about being determined to do the right thing for our customers, always.

That’s why we invest in our people’s capabilities, and support them in their development. A career in Risk at RBS is a chance to continue learning. Whether you’re studying for a professional qualification, following a tailored learning programme, or being mentored by one of our senior leaders, we’ll help you to keep challenging yourself. And with the diversity of our risk community – spanning across all our businesses and functions, taking in a number of distinct disciplines, and looking at the bank’s work from every angle possible – a career here will always give you the chance to do something new.

“We live in a world that changes rapidly which means there are new risks emerging all the time, from new regulation being introduced to new ways of paying for goods. By putting the customer at the heart of everything we do, we ensure we are prepared, that our decisions are sound and provide a good outcome for our customer’s needs.”
Jennie Koo, Risk Performance Oversight
Whatever your background and skillset, there’s a role in Risk to meet your interests and to challenge you.

Enterprise Wide Risk

While some areas of our Risk function set policy and consider the risks to particular portfolios and entities under changing conditions, or make sure that each area has the best processes and controls possible, there are some types of risk that are only be understood when looking at our organisation as a whole.

That’s where Enterprise Wide Risk comes in. We manage areas like capital and liquidity risk which only become clear when looking at the bank in its entirety, and are a centre of excellence for all centralised model risk development. We also own the overall risk management framework, and work on how it is used across the bank so that risks are understood and managed consistently.

Our diverse teams cover a range of specialisms, from Risk Appetite and Culture to Economic Capital and Earnings Risk. Our Stress Testing and Risk Capital team provides deep insight into our capital requirements, and allow management to see the impact of different scenarios on our balance sheet.

Stress testing is a relatively new and rapidly developing discipline which is increasingly used to make business and strategic decisions, as well as reporting on capital adequacy to our regulators. Our respected team is leading the industry, developing a firm-wide framework whose insights drive informed commercial decision making.

If you want to use your technical skills to build a career in one of the most forward looking and influential parts of the banking industry, please apply now.

Credit Risk

We’re the UK’s biggest supporter of small and medium enterprises, and one of the largest personal lenders. And we want to do more.

Credit Risk is at the heart of that, guiding our frontline people in making the right decisions; educating our customers about how much we will lend, and why. We’re looking long term, using financial expertise, sound judgment and commercial advice to help our customers grow, and make sure they can sustain it.

And we know that our people can only help the UK economy to grow if we help them develop themselves. That’s why we’re committed to helping our credit managers gain professional qualifications. That’s why, as the largest risk community in the bank, you’ll always have someone to support you with your goals. And because the skills you’ll develop are fundamental to what the bank does, you’ll be in the perfect place to take your career to the next level.

“Becoming a Credit Manager can be a real learning curve because there’s so much financial data to get to grips with in your work. But the team were really supportive, and I received great coaching and advice. I was surrounded by experienced people, and they happily passed on their skills. Their coaching was so valuable; it was the sort of stuff you could never have learnt straight from a book!
I really enjoyed helping customers on the front line, helping them to reach whatever goals and aspirations they had.”
Imran Khatib, Risk Appetite & Policy – Credit Controls
By owning the bank’s Credit Risk framework and recommending risk appetite, we make sure that our businesses can continue to serve our customers as well as possible, whilst achieving a sustainable risk profile.


We have a clear focus on the future and where technology, forward-thinking and fresh ideas can take us. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, so we build technology around their needs. We help them to access their banking quickly, easily and safely. That’s why we support our technology teams as they simplify our services, and create the best experience possible.

With a broad spectrum of technology at our fingertips, we’re working together to be at the forefront of innovation. It’s important that we’re supported by strong and secure technology, and by the people who build it.

“As a Platform Manager, I like getting stuck into organising software development that will change the business for the better. I really just want to create a first class customer experience, the level of job satisfaction I get from that is incomparable really.”
Lisa, Manchester
Our mobile banking system is used by over three million customers in over 200 countries. These customers log in over 50 million times a month – so it’s clear we need to respond quickly to their needs.

By launching Applepay and Touch ID we’ve been meeting their evolving needs. We’ve also been staying one step ahead of our competitors with Assist, our Artificial Intelligence personality. And we won’t stop there.

Can we help you reach your career goals?

When you join us, you’ll find it’s the people and impressive range of projects that make this a great place to work. What’s more, you’ll enjoy an excellent work-life balance and genuinely flexible working opportunities.

We’re always looking for creative minds who are passionate about technology and can bring a fresh perspective to help us work together to find the best possible experience for our customers.

As well as your technical know-how, we’re looking for people who have the determination to identify issues and create and deliver innovative solutions.

Hear from some of our colleagues who are already making a difference in their roles.

“I have been working as a Project Manager for 2 years now. I joined because there was more chance of career progression than in my old role. It’s also great to see the direct relation between our technical work and customer satisfaction.”
John, Edinburgh


At RBS our vision is to be the number one bank for customer service, trust and advocacy by 2020 and to achieve this we are transforming our business.

As we move further into the digital era, we’re evolving and refining our digital design and delivery capabilities. We’re determined to ensure our people are equipped with the tools and skills they need to provide our customers with an outstanding and market-leading digital service, through innovative and intuitive thinking.

At the heart of our digital strategy is our new and cutting edge digital design studio in Bristol, which brings together some of the bank’s best digital and technological capabilities, along with fresh ideas and a passion for creating and exploring new possibilities. The studio will hold several cross-discipline teams that will work collaboratively to harness technologies that make things simpler and easier for our commercial customers.

The benefits of an agency, client-side

To continue on this digital journey, we want people to join us who have the skills and drive to deliver customer-focused solutions. This is an opportunity to be part of a centre of excellence that has all the benefits of a large established organisation, but also offers a supportive, collaborative and cohesive environment. Joining us would give you the opportunity to work across a diverse technology stack that includes Java 8, React, Microservices and HTML 5. You’d work alongside people who are passionate about what they do, and you’d also be operating in an agile environment that leverages digital agency ways of working and collaborating.

We know how important it is to invest in and nurture our people, and help them become the best they can be. Join us and help us to cultivate ideas, products, and services that help our commercial customers explore their potential, discover their passion, and reach their goals.

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You can check whether there is printable application form available for Royal Bank of Scotland (RBC) and you can download it if there is one. You can either submit the application form in person or you can send it via email.

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