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Online Job Application Process

You can get the chance to work at Sainsbury’s by applying online. Below, you can find the detailed information about the hiring process of Sainsbury’s which offers entry-level and managerial positions.


Sainsbury is one of the UK’s Food retailers. With ever increasing demand, the company is always looking around for opportunities for expanding its retail services.  Presently Sainsbury are having over 14 new retail super markets along with additional over 87 convenience outlet stores. They are also planning to add new stores to their retail chain. To ensure that the growth is consistent they are always planning to add new recruits to their work force. On regular basis, the company offers with new job positions for new recruits at entry level and managerial level. They hire big work force for each of their locations. The store also offers with numerous collections of products and services. Regular hiring procedures are conducted by the HR team.

Popular Job Positions and Salary Information

Just like any other super market chain, Sainsbury is always in need of hiring new recruits to add to its work force. The team often hires new recruits for filling in job positions for inventory and sales. At entry level you may have to fill in job positions for customer service or management. To be employed here you need to display your best work skills. It is also important for you to be of legal age 16 years of above when applying. Some of the commonly open job positions are:-

Checkout Assistants – This is a job position in which you will be placed at the cash counters at the store department. Your role will be to greet customers, promote purchase and sales, pack items and look after payments. Apart from this you will also be responsible for maintaining hygiene at the stores and look into customer queries. In case you are holding previous experience then it can be considered as additional advantage. You need to display your best communication skills at the work place. You should be able to interact with customers. Your hourly pay scale may vary from Pounds 5 to 6 initially.

Sales or Counter Assistant – You can join the team as sales counter job at the entry level. You will have to work at various counters like deli, meat or fish counter or at the bakery counter. Apart from this, you can also be posted at the non-food counters. Your main role will be to look at preparing merchandise process, maintaining displays, calculating cash bills, and looking into hygiene. You may also assist the customers to find right product and answer their queries. You need to have a very pleasing personality and be interactive. You need to be of legal age 18 years of above to apply. Your salary may range from Pounds 5 to 7 for every hour.

Management – As a manager you need to think of increasing the profit margin of the store. You may have to implement better working methods. On regular basis Sainsbury hires new recruits to fill in managerial positions. Your main role will include offering training to entry level recruits, implementing new techniques, and looking after normal functioning of the stores. Besides you will also be responsible for looking into customer issues, sales promotion and updating purchase and inventory. You may have to try and create work schedules and prepare daily work timetables for employees. Having prior work experience is must and added advantage for this position. Your salary as department manager will be around Pounds 18,000 to 30,000 annual. Deputy manager will earn around 30- to 40 thousand pounds annually while managers will earn around 45 thousand pounds annually.

How to Apply for a Sainsbury’s Job

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