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Tesco is a UK based company that maintains over 2000 store fronts in UK. With this it is obvious that they have a massive work force as well. For any position at Tesco, they hire new recruits for bagger, café attendant, cashiers, stock clerk, counter associates and meat cutter. At the entry level, new recruits may find numerous job positions available that offers with best job prospects. In case you are experienced then you have a very bright future. As the company has over 2000 stores in various locations so you may find many job openings on regular basis.

Popular positions and Salary information

Tesco offers job seekers with online application facility. When searching you just need to look around for best job position that is open nearby to your location. The company offers with numerous job positions for different requirements. Once you have located the right job position you just need to apply online via their website by filling in simple form. You may have to provide with complete details related to your personal information, qualification, contact details, past job experience, background information and your best skills. Some of the most common job positions available at Tesco are:-

Customer Assistant – You may be responsible for looking after the display and shelves at the Tesco store. Apart from this you may also be responsible for managing window displays at the store. You need to display your best customer handling skills and interaction. Your job may require you to work in shifts or as full time or part time basis. Your starting salary may be around 7 or 6 pounds for every hour.

Checkout Assistant – You will have to perform the tasks at the cashier counter. You have to look around at the purchases in the store. At entry level you will be provided with necessary training. You may have to be comfortable using the electronic cash management system. You may be offered with training for handling store procedures, using coupons, gift cards and credit card payments. You may also have to load groceries and check with carts. At the starting level you will be paid around 6.65 pounds for every hour of work but it may also vary depending on the location of the store.

Store management – This is the managerial job position and you may have many responsibilities. You need to look around at the operations of the stores, customer service, employees, leadership and profits. Your main role will also be to hire new recruits for the store. You also have to manage schedules for employees, prepare working strategies and assistant other team members. To apply for this job position you need to have previous work experience in relevant field. In most cases managers are promoted from amongst the existing employees. The salary package may be between 30 to 50 thousand pounds yearly.

Customer Assistant

Shift Leader

Printable application form : Yes (Doc or PDF). Download Tesco Job Application PDF


How to Apply for a Tesco Job

Click on the link below to apply for a job

Customer Assistant – https://www.tesco-careers.com/JobDetails/237475.aspx

Shift Leader – https://www.tesco-careers.com/JobDetails/238095.aspx

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